You Need Effortless

I want my money to be effortless, how about you?

How can your money be effortless? For most people, dealing with their money is a pain in the rear. That’s not what I want for you.

I want my money to be effortless, what about you?

We, as humans, make things complicated. I recently realized that I had been making things in my life way too complicated, and my money is included in that. I decided to change things up and make things as simple as possible.

The concept of effortless money means that you make things as easy as possible so that you’re set up to succeed with your money. That includes your mindset, your habits, your goals, how you deal with your paperwork, etc… It’s the whole enchilada. How we approach our money can be easy, if we set it up that way. 

While I say this, it is true that it takes a hot minute to establish, but when it’s done you have an action plan. I feel so passionate about this topic that I even wrote a whole book on this same topic (more to come on that). 

For right now I want to share with you 3 ways that you can make your money effortless:

  1. Shift your mindset. Money is not your problem, your attitude is your problem. Many people think that somehow real wealth just isn’t meant for them. I don’t agree with that. If you feel that everyone has the potential to be wealthy, and wealthy according to their own rules.
  2. Establish the easiest system possible. Most people don’t have a system for their money. It’s really hard to be super successful with your money and when you (1) don’t have a plan and (2) are inconsistent. I share with my private clients my Monthly Money Action Plan, as a start to their own money system. Regardless if you use my system or create one of your own, having a plan for what you need to do each month is key to making things easy. 
  3. Make it fun. If you make your money fun, then you’ll actually attract more money to you. Your money will also become easier if you make it fun. Think about how you can give yourself a break, make things easier and lighter. Maybe that includes having an impromptu dance party in the kitchen while you look at your money, or checking your budget in your your favorite park. Whatever it is, make it fun.