An Easy Tool To Help You Get In Touch With Your Inner
Wealthy Woman

A few years ago a friend of mine dragged me to a life coaching seminar. I’ll admit to you that I wasn’t into it. It was pretty touchy feely for me and I was leery that we were leading up to at trust fall or something like that. The last exercise of the day was a visioning exercise. The instructor asked us to meditate on who we want to be 10 years from now and focus on that person. As all of the participants settled into a guided meditation. I, on the other hand, played along and hoped that I wouldn’t fall asleep.

I fully expected to hate the exercise, instead I found it to be extremely powerful. I was able to focus fully on what I wanted my life to look like years into the future and who I wanted to be. I could see the successful version of myself who achieved her goals. I was able to connect with the wealthy version of me. I had connected with my inner wealthy woman. 

Driving home from the event, first of all I felt like a jackass for making fun of the event. Second, I realized that this exercise was more than just about meditation, this exercise was about visualizing the version of your that you’ve always wanted to be. 

This exercise was so impactful that I started using visualization with my coaching clients to help them connect with their inner wealthy woman and focus on their dreams. 

Athletes and high performers have been using visualization to help them achieve their goals for years now. Visualization is extremely powerful, and if you can use visualization then I think you have one step closer to easily achieving your goals.

For me, visualization is more than just imagining myself, visualization of my inner wealthy woman means that my goals are coming to fruition, it’s actually happening right now. That really gives me some reassurance when I need that I’m on the right track. 

How do you connect with your inner wealthy woman? 

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