Stop Chasing

Stop chasing your money. Let it come to you, instead!

Are you chasing your money like that boyfriend who dumped you in college for no-good-reason? While the details of the breakup are between you and him, I actually have a point reading your money.

Whether you’re chasing your money or your man, remember that it’s always easier (and more fun) to let it come to you.

Have you ever had a friend who was addicted to the hustle? They’re always hustling for a new business, and they’re on LinkedIn ALL. DANG. DAY. LONG. We’ve all had that friend. 

Now imagine another friend. This friend always seems to have a positive outlook, always lands on her feet, and things just work out for her.

Which person do you want to be? The one who’s always hustling? Or the one who effortlessly gets the business, the opportunities and the money?

I don’t know about you, but I want my money to be effortless! One thing I’ve learned is that we can either hustle and grind until we force ourselves to become successful, or we can let go, follow our gut, and see what transpires. You’ll be surprised how things magically, and easily can happen when we’re not forcing something. 

I’ve had to learn my own lesson about the flow of money.

With my last job, I did a little experiment, I wanted to see how much of my mindset could affect my sales. One particular day, I was coming up on month end, and I had absolutely NO sales in sight. I decided that I was going to just act as if the sales were already on the way to me. The sales were already coming to me and I was super excited about it. At noon on the last day before month end, I randomly got a call from a lady who I’ve never met before, saying that she found me online and wanted to come in and start an investment account. That afternoon my quota had been met and I didn’t spend even a minute of the month stressing about where my sales were going to come from.

The question is, how do we let the money come to us?

  1. We stop focusing on the outcome.    
    This is so stinkin’ hard, especially if you’re a higher achiever. We want to reach not only reach our goals, we want to exceed them. But sometimes when we’re too focused on our goals, we spend our energy forcing something to happen, instead of just letting it come to us.
  2. Focus on the flow. 
    Have you ever been in the flow of things? Maybe you’re painting a room, or cooking, or making something. When you feel in the flow your task gets just a little bit easier. Things seem to be lighter. You seem to have more fun.
  3. Focus on the fun 
    When we’re focused on doing the things that bring us the joy, it lightens our mood. Also, when we do what bring us joy, amazing opportunities come our way, some of which we never expected.
  4. Get support.  
    A support group is a great way to keep ourselves focused on the flow of our money. In the month of May my Wealthy Woman Money Circle starts. I developed it especially for women who need support right now.

If you want to propel yourself to a new place financially, you have GOT TO hear about the Wealthy Woman Money Circle. This program provides support, education, accountability and community to women who are ready to rock their money this year.

Want money that’s effortless, easy and stress free?  

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