Self Care

Taking care of your money is the ultimate form of self care

While most people think of “self care” as sitting in a bubble bath or get a mani/pedi. When I think of self care I think of how I can take care of my money. You see, I think that self care also includes taking care of your money, and “adulting” as hard as it might seem to do.

I know that being responsible doesn’t really seem fun. But you know what’s more of a drag? Realizing that you can’t retire until you’re 75. What about not being able to take a vacation? Or not planning for the future to such a degree that you seriously lose out on opportunities to take advantage of things like compound interest (AKA: free money)

What can do right now to take care of your money (and your future self):

1.Make friends with your money.

Money seems so nebulous, doesn’t it? But really, it’s just system used to exchange goods and services. Money doesn’t have to be scary. Try to make peace with your money, otherwise yo’ll always be fearful of it.

2. Get organized

Take steps to get organized. This process can be overwhelming, so give yourself some grace. If progress for you looks like putting all your bills in one central location, grab a shoe box. The key here is to just get started and stay consistent, even if they’re baby steps.

3. Learn what you can about money

It’s ok if you don’t know a ton about money. Honestly, I’m always learning, too. Make learning about money, and what’s happening with the economy, part of your routine. Get an app or subscribe to an email that talks about investing. Read the Wall Street Journal. Try to make it fun, or at least not stressful. All this info is for you and your future self.

What are you going to do today to take care of your money?

Want to learn how to make your money effortless?

You can grab my “5 Minutes to Effortless Money” Checklist HERE