Forget Resolutions, Try Progress Instead

Did you know that roughly 8% of all New Years Resolutions are successful? Only 8%! 

Let’s just save ourselves some time and effort and try something different this year. 

Rather than New Year Resolutions, why not try some progress related goals instead?

I’m a big believer in progress. While it may not seem like much of a goal to have “process” as the goal, I’ve found that most of the time that I set New Years Resolutions what I was actually doing is trying to change who I am. 

You, my friend, are perfectly imperfect just as you are. The goal with a resolution is to work on specific areas in your life that you want improve. That doesn’t mean that you weren’t awesome last year, rather improvement is the goal. Most of the time we get so caught up in the resolution that we stop focusing on progress and start focusing on perfection.

The best resolution that I ever established was the year that I told my husbanded “this year I’m going to figure out my money junk”. I bought every personal finance and self help book under the sun to figure out why we were’t where we wanted to be financially. That progress resolution led to where I am today, helping other people figure out their money junk. 

I focused on “figuring out”, not perfection. 

So how do you establish progress goals that are also helpful? Focus on tasks you can do every week. The completion of the task is the goal, not the outcome. 

Here’s an example. Maybe you’ve been really bad at checking your bank balance. You could have a progress goal of checking your balance(s) weekly. The amount of money that’s in the account isn’t in question. Your goal is to get into the habit of checking the account. Establishing new habits, or getting better at the habits you have is a big part of progress. 

So what’s your progress goal this year? 

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