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Downloadable Financial Organizer


Do you have all of your financial information in a shoebox or in your desk drawer? Maybe you have to go searching for that password that’s on the green sticky note. Forget that! Let’s get organized so you can stop wasting time and start streamlining your finances.

These downloadable worksheets will get you organized and have all of your financial information in one location. Download and print your worksheets, grab some supplies (notebook, stickies, dividers, etc..), and let’s get organized!

There are clearly defined sections, so you’ll know where to put your information. There’s a section for banking, retirement, insurance, and more.




Your PDF download includes 21 pages:

Financial Worksheet Checklist
Employer Accounts Worksheet
Retirement Accounts Worksheet
Summary of Accounts Worksheet
One Page Financial Summary
Baking Accounts Worksheet
Business Bank Account
2 x Password Worksheet (so you can print double sided)
Financial strategy worksheets including:
Needs vs Wants Analysis
Financial Goals 12 month
Monthly Financial Goals
Weekly financial Planner
Front and Back Cover:
Divider Pages for Banking, Insurance, Retirement, Employer accounts, Insurance Policies, Financial Strategy


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