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Spiral Bound Sparkle Journal


Simplify your finances and clear your mind. A financial journal is a great way to mentally get organized as you go through. Write down all of the things that have been taking up space in your brain, such as that bill that’s due, or that bank fee that you need to call about. Get all of that info onto paper so you can get organized and using that brain space for other things.

A financial journal is also a great place to document your goals and dreams, write down those money affirmations and start to put your money plans into motion.

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Write down your dreams in style on these cool spiral-bound journals. Personalize it with a cool design to make them shine. These notebooks feature a thick gloss full-color laminated protective cover that is much more durable than the average flimsy paper covers. Made in the USA, the journal comes in 5×7 size with 75 pages of lined paper.


.: Front, back and inside cover print
.: 75 lined single pages
.: Glossy laminated cover
.: Note: 0.5″x0.5″ production barcode visible on the back cover

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