Money and Movement: Flip the Script on your Relationship with Money

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a great relationship with our money? Join us for an interactive workshop where we will dance, dream, and shake off scarcity to create the type of money relationship that we really want.

What if money wasn’t stressful? What if you felt that you had enough money in the bank? What if you lived a life of abundance and let go of scarcity?  Let’s flip the script on your negative money stories and start to think about your money from a new angle.



For most of us, our relationship with money is complicated, confusing, and stressful. While most of us want more money, we can find ourselves stuck in a loop of feeling bad about our money, causing us to make decisions out of fear. What if we could just let that fear and scarcity go? What if we could start to cultivate a good relationship with money? 

Your hosts for this event are LESLIE ST. JOHN and VICTORIA SEXTON

LESLIE ST. JOHN is a Cal Poly English professor, yoga teacher, and published author. Creator of Prose & Poses, she uses the modalities of yoga, Qoya, and writing, to help people unshackle creativity, feel their bodies as allies, and cultivate more self-intimacy.

VICTORIA SEXTON helps women to make their money effortless so they can stop stressing and start to enjoy their relationship with money. It’s time to bring some ease and joy to your money!

*We will provide light snacks and fun drinks. Feel free to bring your own extra sustenance.


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