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Everyday Money Plan


Do you have a financial plan? If you’ve ever struggled with remembering to pay a bill or if you lose track of your finances for the month, you might need a plan. I developed the Everyday Money Plan so that each person has the ability to stick with a plan that really works for them.

My Everyday Money Plan shows you exactly what you need to do each week and month to set yourself up for success.

You’ll receive excel and PDF versions of the files along with video tutorials of how to use the sheets and make them part of your financial strategy.

You can even customize the templates for your own financial situation. Happy budgeting!



Included in the Everyday Money Plan Is:

  • Bill Pay Worksheet
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Effortless Money Checklist
  • 5 Minute Money Checklist
  • Grocery Helper

Please Note: The financial coaching services of Victoria Sexton Financial Coaching & Consulting (VSFCC) are not to be taken as official legal, accounting, investment product, or estate planning advice. VSFCC is not an attorney, certified public accountant, registered broker, or registered investment advisor. The services of VSFCC constitute teaching practical financial habits, how investing works, financial education, and assisting in changing how clients manage their money. VSFCC does not make official recommendations for investment options or products, assist with investment trades or purchases, write wills or trusts, process real estate transactions, or offer tax advice. If you need legal, tax, real estate, or investment guidance, VSFCC has a broad network of appropriately licensed advisors and is happy to make referrals and introductions upon your request.


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