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Do you need a little inspiration in your life? The Dream journal is just the thing to inspire you and help you connect with your wild spirit.

You, my friend, are an absolute miracle and worthy of your dreams. But sometimes we need help cultivating our dreams and, quite frankly, reminding ourselves that we’re worthy of such huge dreams.

This journal also comes with a set of 25 inspiration affirmations, as well. This is a great way to focus on your dreams, but it also makes a great gift, too.

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This purchase comes with a deck of 25 inspiration affirmations in addition to you a dream journal.

Use the inspiration affirmations to remind yourself daily that you’re amazing. You’re worthy of those big dreams and you will turn them into reality. the Dream a Little Dream Journal is filled with journal prompts. This journal is a perfect place to cultivate your dreams and ponder your amazing ideas.


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