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Crystal Collection


Do you love crystals? Yea, me too! I designed a crystal collection specifically with money in mind. Crystals can be a great reminder of your goals so you can remain focused on your finances. And they’re pretty, too!
A trio of citrine, aventurine, and amazonite is the perfect gift for your bestie, or for yourself. 
This beautiful collection comes in a velvet bag, with each crystal separately packaged.


Amazonite is the perfect stone for manifesting, eliminating self-doubt, worries, and frustrations.
Aventurine is the stone of wealth, luck, prosperity, and “leadership” or leveling up.
Citrine is the stone of money, wealth, and abundance. Citrine also radiates positivity.

These 3 crystals are separately bagged in a velvet gift bag. I also have included a reference card so that you don’t need to remember what each stone represents.

Pair this with a deck of abundance cards or a financial journal to make an incredible gift.


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