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Effortless Money Paperback


Why do we overcomplicate things, especially our money?

When we can stop stressing, obsessing, and double-checking our finances, we can free up our time, energy, and resources to do the things we really want to do!

Victoria Sexton has made a career out of helping women make their money effortless, so they can stop stressing and start enjoying their money. Through her years working in finance, she discovered her own secret sauce to meeting her financial goals. She uses this same process to teach people how to experience financial independence. The trick is in bringing practical wealth know-how together with a wealthy money mindset.



In this book you will discover:

  • Money Mindset, a Money Simplicity System, AND how to tap into your Inner Wealthy Woman.
  • There’s a difference between knowing better and doing better when it comes to everything, especially your finances.
  • Simplifying your money is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Effortless money isn’t just a system; it’s a movement to make everything about your money easy, prosperous, and even fun. Go from confusion and uncertainty to having a plan with clarity!

Visit Victoria at victoriasexton.com. Founder of Align Wealth Coaching and creator of the Effortless Money System, Victoria also hosts the “Don’t Play With Trash” podcast.


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