Repeat after me: "I don’t work for free"

A client called me the other day saying, “OH MY GOSH, I used that thing you gave me. It was so easy and it felt really good”. She was talking about a cheat sheet that I put together, and I’m sharing it with you today.

One of the things that I work with clients on is how they can leverage their money. This includes asking for what you’re worth.

When you have a kind heart and a spirit of service, sometimes people unknowingly take advantage of that generosity. 

Picture this… You met a friend for coffee and it turns out she wants to “pick your brain”. An hour later she has all of the solutions to her problems and you just paid for your own mocha. We have all been there before, and honestly, it feels gross. You just did their work for them, and you paid the price. 

There is an energetic flow of money. When you continue to do favors for people for FREE, you energetically pay for their learning. You exchanged your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom for, well, NOTHING. And it can feel gross; like someone just took advantage of your generous nature. 

There are times when it’s necessary to set professional boundaries, and professionals get paid. 

If you have a hard time asking to get paid for your time, I put together a graphic just for you. Rephrase and reframe as you see fit. The important thing is that you make sure you’re asking to get paid for your time. 

If you have an intention to give back, give yourself a set number of “pro bono” or free hours for the month. Set your professional boundaries with those pro bono monthly hours in mind.

Just remember either you pay energetically or your friend pays monetarily. You’re a beautiful generous soul, and you’re not expecting too much for you to get paid for your wisdom. One thing I know about you – you are worth every penny!

Sending you love and good money vibes. 

Save this to your phone as a reference