Day 3: How can we make things EASY?

It’s day 3 of our challenge. For today we’re going to focus on making things EASY. 

How do you make things easy when you’re on the struggle bus?

Start by asking the question: “How can I make this easy?”

Two things will happen. (1) Usually a simple answer presents itself and (2) Our brains are more receptive to information when we pose a question, rather than a statement. Get your brain thinking about what will be the EASIEST thing for you!

Day 2: Let's Use Our New Mantra

Money Affirmations are amazing, but the key is to use them. And, HOW you use them is almost as important as using them in general. 

Today we’re going to come up for a plan with how you’re going to use your money mantra.  

When do you need the most support? When you’re reviewing bills? When you’re looking at your bank balance? 

Day 2 Task: Figure out when you’re going to use your affirmation. 

Hint: At what times do you need most support?

Day 1: We've DECIDED!

For today’s challenge I want you to decide that your money can be magical, easy, effortless or whatever else you want it to be. 

No wishy-washy “yea, I can try” responses here! We’re going to declare our intentions to the universe! 

I want you to write out a money mantra starting with “I’ve decided that…”

I’ve decided that… (insert whatever you want here).  Make sure you watch the video for all the juicy details.