That’s right, friends, we’re going to make your money absolutely magical. Money is the biggest stress in most people’s lives, but what if, we made our money absolutely magical, instead? Like, effortless and magical and rainbows and unicorns (ok, so I can’t guarantee the rainbows and unicorns, but you know what I mean).

Join me for a 5 day challenge where we’re going to make our money lighter, brighter and just a little bit sparklier. While this sounds like all rainbows and unicorns, you’re actually going to be learning some of my favorite money mindset hacks. 

Grab your unicorn headband and don’t forget the glitter, this is going to be fun!

What you’ll experience in this challenge: 

* Daily trainings where you’ll learn easy-peasy money mindset hacks for quick results

* Daily money motivation 

* Daily action inspiration

* Dedicated group where you can ask questions

* You’ll develop your own unicorn mascot for this challenge, because… why not!

* Most importantly we’re going to have fun and win some prizes!

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