A Little Scary

It Was A Little Scary, and Of Course, I Learned Something From It

I needed new photos taken for the cover of my upcoming book Effortless Money: How To Align Your Wealth & Your Woo.

Now, I know, what you’re thinking, “that doesn’t sound scary”.

The thing is, I hate having my picture taken. Since I was about 10 years old there’s been a discussion (with other people, and now with myself in my head) about my weight, but that’s another Oprah show.

Having my picture taken really makes me cringe, but I decided that I needed to do it anyway. I went to a fancy photographer in San Francisco and had lots and lots and lots of pictures taken. I went to the photo shoot with an open mind and sincerity in my heart, hoping that the best part of me would show up, so that when someone picks up my book they see the me – the me that wants them to succeed.

Doing hard, scary things is part of life. That being said, you have two choices: (1) Do the hard, scary thing and grow into the person you really want to be, or (2) Completely ignore it and forget about growing.

Of course, I had to think of lessons learned from this whole experience. Here’s what I learned:

1. Every one has fears, the trick is not having your fear run your life.

Everyone is afraid of something, but your fears don’t have to run your life. Just acknowledge them and keep moving.

A lot of people have fear around their money or fear of investing. Hey, I get it. Money can be a scary thing. But you will never become wealthy if you’re afraid of your money.

2. It’s ok if you’re scared. Fully and authentically show up anyway. In order to fully show up to my photo shoot, I needed to be open, authentic and a little bit vulnerable.

Being vulnerable can be a bit scary, because it can feel like you’re exposed, and that’s not necessarily bad, but sometimes it feels icky. The thing is that you will never get over your fear if you don’t actually do the thing that you’re afraid of. So feel all the feels, and do the dang thing, anyway.

3. Having the courage to be fearless is a huge gift to give yourself. It gives you the foundation for growth. 

I realized that growth takes some courage. If you aren’t a little bit scared, if everything is super easy peasy for you, you probably haven’t learned anything. In order to experience the growth, you actually need to get through the fear first.

I found that the photo shoot was alright. I kept an intention with me, all day, to show up as fully as I possibly could, and honestly, that’s all any of us can do. I also realized that I’m the only one who’s going to be obsessive about the photos, and honestly that’s energy that I’m expending that I could put elsewhere.

How are you showing up? Are you scared and still doing what you need to do? Or are you letting your fear hold you back? Click HERE to grab a strategy session with me. Let’s see if we can kick that fear to the curb!