Hope Or Fear

Who would you rather live with? Hope or Fear?

When I was in my 20s, I had a really good job working for a large corporation. I was single making solid money, drove a nice car, and lived on my own. On the outside it looked like I had it all going on, but on the inside I had this huge fear of my money. You know that feeling where you feel like the other shoe is going to drop or the bottom was going to drop out? Yea, I felt like that. I felt like somehow I wasn’t doing enough. I felt like somehow I didn’t prepare for the impending tsunami. Essentially, there was at time in my life where I lived with my fear. 

I let my fear run my life. I honestly thought that all adults worried about money the way that I did. As I eventually learned, not all people worry about all the time. What I didn’t realize is that fear was messing up my entire life.

To me, fear is like that neighbor that invites themselves over all the time, or that “friend” who says some not-so-nice things behind your back. Fear makes you feel awkward. Fear makes you feel like you will never have enough. And if you let your fear control your life, even temporarily, you’re inviting it to stay. 

I imagine that friend who’s always super negative and draining. Now, imagine them becoming a houseguest … permanently. How exhausting! 

Now imagine your favorite person in the whole world. Maybe it’s your favorite aunt, or your best friend. They are that person who has such good energy that you absolutely love to be around them. That person makes you feel good about being you. Now imagine living with that person every day. How wonderful would you feel!

 That’s the difference between living with Hope and Fear.

Sometimes is it so hard to stay in a sense of Hope. It may seem like we’re being overly optimistic, or naive, but here’s the truth. Hope is inspiring, and living with hope means that you’re living with the knowledge that even though things aren’t perfect today, they can be better tomorrow.

So, remember that your old friend Fear might like to come visit from time to time. And that’s OK, but it’s not OK for Fear to move in. After all, hope it’s already living there.

How will you start to live in Hope, and not Fear? 

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