You are the hero of your own story. Do you act like it?

Have you seen any good super hero movies lately? My 10 year old and I were analyzing some super hero movies the other day (because these are the conversations I have with my boy). They all have a point where the hero is down for the count, and it’s uncertain if they’re going get back up. But, they always do.  Even heroes need to take a beat and regroup. What’s important is not that they took that they took a punch or that they ended upon the floor. What’s important is that they kept going. 

We can all get stuck in fear and indecision. At some point or another, we all wonder if we have what it takes to really do hard things like:

  • Figure out how you’re going to pay all your bills this month
  • Or call the company that has your old 401k to roll it over to your IRA (ahem… this is me this week)
  • Or talk with our spouse about their spending habits
  • Or any of the not-so-fun things that surround your finances

You, my badass hero friend, can do any and all of these things. They may not be fun, they may be time consuming, but you can do them. After all, you’re the hero of your own story. Hero’s may take a beat, but they always get back up.

Where have you been avoiding doing hero work in your life? Maybe it’s checking your bank balance regularly or paying a really expensive bill? Regardless of what it is, I want you to know that you can do it.

How do you motivate yourself to do the things that you’ve been putting off?

  1. Give yourself a reward for making progress
  2. Do the difficult things in small time increments (think 10 minutes)
  3. Put on your theme song and get to it

What financial action do you need to take this week? Do you need to check your credit card balance? Or look at some bills that have been gathering dust. You can do them, of course, because you’re the hero of your own story. And hero’s get back up and keep going.

Want money that’s effortless, easy and stress free?  

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