What I Learned From Getting Kicked Out Of Golf-N-Stuff

Do you remember Golf-N-Stuff? The place with mini-golf, a loud arcade, and really bad pizza? Well, my son wanted to go to our local version of Golf-N-Stuff for his 11th birthday celebration. Specifically, he wanted to drive the go-carts.

We dove 45 minutes to get to the Golf-N-Stuff only to be told that “he’s too short”, by the guy behind the counter who is (ironically) no taller than me. I told said guy at the counter, that I read the height requirement prior to getting in the car and that my son was tall enough. The guy had Cameron walk outside and lean against a measurement sign. He was an eyelash away from hitting the line. 

After some debate and frustrations, we decided to leave and drive to Santa Barbara instead. 

We spent the day eating clam chowder, watching boats and crabs, and visiting the aquarium. Cameron left the aquarium happy  with a new stuffed animal walrus pal, who he named Fred. The day ended up to be pretty great.

As always, I have to ask myself what is the lesson to be learned, and the Golf-N-Stuff ordeal is no exception. If you haven’t heard my latest podcast episode about lessons, go HERE

Here are the 2 things I learned from the go-cart debacle:

1. If someone’s trying to give you money, why don’t you let them?
One of the things that I talk with clients about all the time is how they can make it easy peasy for someone to pay them. At a minimum, make it easy for someone to tell you that they are interested in your product or service. If you’re trying to bring in more revenue, maybe you should think of your business from your customer’s perspective. How can you streamline the onboarding process to make it easier and quicker?

2. Frequently, life doesn’t go as planned. And when that happens, it sucks. It’s ok, regroup, try to find a way to make your day, week, or even year, better.
How can you turn it around so that you aren’t feeling like it’s a giant bummer that things didn’t turn out as expected?

Sure, my boy didn’t get to drive a go-cart like Mario Andretti. At the end of the day, he did get to pet sharks and brought home a stuffed animal walrus who he named Fred. It wasn’t what we planned but it was still a good day. 

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