This holiday season give yourself a gift. Give yourself some Grace!

I swore up and down that I would not give in to holiday sales. As a matter of fact, I even wrote an article about it (see below).

But, here’s what actually happened. I bought groceries on sale, office supplies on discount, 3 blouses and a pair of boots. And… I second guessed myself afterwards. I mean, we’re on a strict budget right now. Could I have done without the blouses or the boots? Could I have put off these purchases? Money perfectionism started to creep up. After all, I know better, right?

I’ll share with your my secret for having a good relationship with my money: Grace!

I give myself a lot of grace. Given that I help people with their money every day, my own perfectionistic tendencies with money have a habit of creeping up. I have to remind myself that even though I have experience, knowledge and help other people find their financial answers, I’m still human. I’m still living my life in a complex time in our history.

Where have you been hard on yourself this holiday season? Is it with budgeting? Or maybe you’ve been trying to make things perfect for your kids and have gone overboard with presents (ahem, amazon). Maybe you’re planning an elaborate feast, but you really just feel like ordering pizza.

This year has been a dumpster fire for the decades. Yet, many of us are holding ourselves to crazy high standards. I’m giving you permission to pear back. You have permission to do not only what you want to do, but what you need. Recharge, if you need it. Sleep all day, if you need it. And, avoid family, if you need it.

This holiday season don’t forget to give yourself a gift, too. Give yourself some grace!

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