Don’t Know What To Do Next?

Wondering what to do next? Consult your future-self!

You have a tremendous amount of wisdom inside of you. You just need to tap into it.

Sometimes we can get in our own heads, especially when it comes to making big life decisions. This is why it’s so easy for other people, like a therapist or friend, to identify patterns in your life. It’s harder to see situations for what they are when you’re in it.

What if you could talk with someone who really knew you and also knew what you should do next?

While I was at one of those “life changing” seminars the host told us we would be doing a guided meditation. Meditation has never been my thing, but I was sort of trapped at this intimate venue and decided I better do it anyway.

She had us envision our future selves. What we we look like, talk like, and act like with anther 10 years of life and wisdom under our belts? That got me thinking. What if I could tap into the wisdom of my future self? What would she say about my life choices, career, clients, and decision that I might not be too sure of.

I started an exercise where I would tap into my future self via quasi meditation. Now I’ve never been a meditator, but I do believe that the focus that comes along with meditation is awesome, so I tried focusing on her, my future self. I wanted to see what she would say.  The amazing thing is that I was, in fact, able to tap into HER, my future self, any time I needed her. I was able to focus on what she (the older wiser and much better dressed version of me) would say, and what wisdom she would impart.

I feel like most people have a tremendous amount of knowledge already inside of them, but they ignore it. Sometimes when you tap into your gut, the information might sound off. Like that job offer that seems so amazing. Why shouldn’t you take it? Or the relationship that seem so great on paper. Why wouldn’t you marry that person?

By tapping into your future self, you’re also tapping into your wisdom.

Let me ask you this… What would your future self would say about that how you’re handling your money?

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