Celebrate July 4th By Creating Financial Independence

Forget the fireworks, celebrate July 4th by creating financial independence

Today I was talking with my 10 year old about the 4th of July and what it means, aside from the hot dogs and the BBQ’s. We talked for a bit about what it might have been to experience a revolution and then freedom. 

While we were chatting I couldn’t help but think about money. Do you fee freed by, or trapped by your money? 

I can remember times where I felt trapped by circumstances, such as a job that I hated or my house the was falling apart. Those feelings are, well, just feelings. And by changing our perspective we might just change our circumstances. 

How do you start to feel financial freedom when you really feel stuck, trapped or just not where you want to be?

Increase your money vibe

Start by trying to increase you vibe around your money. Put on some music, dance around your living room or while you’re cleaning your house. I can guarantee that an impromptu dance party will make you feel better.

Lean into your gratitude and try to change your perspective.

In many ways, gratitude is the secret sauce. When we’re thankful for our lives, including the little things, we send a magical signal to the universe that we want more of what we have. But that’s not all. Gratitude helps you change your perspective, and sometimes perspective is what we need to stop feeling trapped. 

This week I hope that you feel freed by your money.

Send you love and good money vibes, 

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