Financial Goals

Financial goals aren’t just about the numbers

Financial goals aren’t just about how much you have in your bank account. They’re also about how you feel. 

I think that goals are both simultaneously important and irrelevant.  I think that they’re important because you’re actually putting pen to paper and stating what you want to happen for the next year. When you write your goals, you’re declaring it to the universe. 

But when you write your goals, put them in a drawer and think that they’re not possible, or take no action towards them, your goals no longer matter. 

So, how do you establish goals that are empowering?

1) Focus on the feeling

Rather than focusing on the goal, I focus on the feeling. How do I want to feel this year? For me, I want to feel prosperous. I want to feel successful. I want to feel like I have everything that I need. 

What do I need to do to feel that way? Maybe I need to be more organized in my home office or get a planner? Or hire a house cleaner?

Start with the feeling and then decide what actions you need to take from there. 

2) Give your dreams some oxygen

What do you really want? Do you want to make more money? Or work less? Or work in a different industry? What do you really want? 

Give your dreams some room to breathe. Day dreaming might not be a bad idea this year. Let your mind wander. What if your dreams WERE possible? 

3) Pay less attention to the how

When I focus intently on HOW my dreams will manifest, I get in my own way. Life is funny. When I’ve focused on my dreams and how I want to feel, interesting things have happened. I’ve met new people, or situations have popped up that are completely outside of my plan. When you’re solely focused on the how, you close yourself off to possibilities. What’s important? Is it the how or is it the goal? Just focus on the goal and see what pops up. 

This year I want to encourage you to write down some financial goals and then let them breathe. And remember, your goals don’t have to make sense to anyone but you.