Are You Giving Your Fear Too Much Oxygen?

I remember as a child my mother used to tell me that wounds need air. Every skinned knee or tiny scrape I wanted to cover with a Bandaid to keep as safe as possible. After a day or two it wouldn’t look any better, and in many cases it looked worse. My mother would always tell me “it needs air to breathe”. And, of course, she was right. 

I think that our fears need a little oxygen, too. By saying them out loud they can see the light of day, and we can determine if our fears are totally ridiculous or if there might be some truth to them.  Stating the fear out loud allow it to dissipate. When we say our fear out loud, sometimes we see that it’s not true. It’s actually unfounded.

One word of caution, though. Don’t give your fears too much oxygen. Don’t say them into existence. Simply acknowledge your fears. Figure out if there’s something for you to do to make your fears dissipate, and, if so, determine a plan. 

When you continue to say your fears, as if they are your truth, you’re actually speaking them into existence. 

Fears can end up becoming part of a story that we tell ourselves. Like, if I were to tell myself every day “we can’t afford that”. That ends up becoming part of my money story, and I would trigger myself into scarcity every time I said “we can’t afford that”.

This is why it’s really important to keep your thoughts in check. I believe that your money mindset is almost as important as what you actually do with your money.

The thoughts that we focus on end up becoming our reality. And I don’t know about you, but I want my reality to be abundant and filled with joy and wonderfulness. I don’t want my world to be filled with struggle. But, most people don’t think of it like that. For most people they have been conditioned to think that money is something that you always have to work hard for. Money doesn’t doesn’t come easy, hence it doesn’t grow on trees.

All of these little sayings that we grew up with end up becoming our reality.

So, in the words of Ice Cube, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Make sure that the thoughts that you’re focusing on are ones of abundance and gratitude. Make sure that you’re not focusing on your fears, because what you focus on is what you create. 

So say your fears out loud and see if they seem true to you. Is it something that you’re really scared of? Honor and respect those feelings, but don’t give your fear oxygen to breathe. Instead, focus on your dreams. Focus on all of the ways that you are gifted and abundant and blessed.

Let’s not give our fears room to breathe!

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