Do you remember Golf-N-Stuff? The place with mini-golf, a loud arcade, and really bad pizza? Well, my son wanted to go to our local version of Golf-N-Stuff for his 11th birthday celebration. Specifically, he wanted to drive the go-carts.

Read about what happened and 

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There is an energetic flow of money. When you continue to do favors for people for FREE, you energetically pay for their learning. You exchanged your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom for, well, NOTHING. And it can feel gross; like someone just took advantage of your generous nature. 

Click below to learn how you can nicely and professionally say “I don’t work for free”.

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Forget the fireworks, celebrate July 4th by creating financial independence.

Do you fee freed by, or trapped by your money? 

How do you start to feel financial freedom when you really feel stuck, trapped or just not where you want to be?

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I was introduced to the phrase “the messy middle” when I was smack-dab in the middle of writing my first book. The messy middle refers to the part of writing that’s jumbled, seems messy and feels hard.

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The situation that was a little scary, and with all scary situations, I learned something. Read about the lesson I learned and what I took away from the scary (not so scary) situation. 

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For me, visualization is more than just imagining myself, visualization of my inner wealthy woman means that my goals are coming to fruition, it’s actually happening right now. That really gives me some reassurance when I need that I’m on the right track. 

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How can your money be effortless? For most people, dealing with their money is a pain in the rear. That’s not what I want for you.

I want my money to be effortless, what about you?

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Are you chasing your money like that boyfriend who dumped you in college for no-good-reason? While the details of the breakup are between you and him, I actually have a point reading your money.

Whether you’re chasing your money or your man, remember that it’s always easier (and more fun) to let it come to you.

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Here’s a secret about me. My favorite kind of goals make me go “oh wow”.

Here’s another secret about me. I quite frequently bite off more than I can chew when it comes to life decisions.

I think that there are goals and then there are Wild Ass Goals. A WAG is a goal that is so big that it scares you a little. 

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When I was in my 20s, I had a really good job working for a large corporation. I was single making solid money, drove a nice car, and lived on my own. On the outside it looked like I had it all going on, but on the inside I had this huge fear of my money. You know that feeling where you feel like the other shoe is going to drop or the bottom was going to drop out? Yea, I felt like that. I felt like somehow I wasn’t doing enough. I felt like somehow I didn’t prepare for the impending tsunami. Essentially, there was at time in my life where I lived with my fear.  (Click here to read more)

When I was 18, I fell in love with the stock market. It happened out of necessity, really. My Dad was a financial consultant, so growing up with him meant that we talked about money, investing and the stock market. Instead of going to father daughter dances or going out for fro-yo, we read the Wall Street Journal and picked stocks. He taught me what he knew, and he knew about money.(Click here to read more)

There’s something about rooting for the underdog that our society totally loves. The little guy fighting against the big guy, the whole David and Goliath thing. And if you were watching the stock market last week, the same type of situation played out with the Gamestop stock. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about,  (Click here to read more)

Have you seen any good super hero movies lately?  They all have a point where the hero is down for the count, and it’s uncertain if they’re going get back up. But, they always do.  Even heroes need to take a beat and regroup. What’s important is not that they took that they took a punch or that they ended upon the floor. What’s important is that they kept going. 

We can all get stuck in fear and indecision. At some point or another, we all wonder if we have what it takes to really do hard things like:  (Click here to read more)

Money is the cause of so much agony, stress and worry. But what if there were a better, easier, lighter, less exhausting way of dealing with your money? 

It wasn’t until I realized that I could have a different relationship with my money, that I finally did. I was always struggling with my money. There was never enough, there were always too many bills, not enough cash. Finally, I just decided to make peace with my money and turn my money info my new BFF.  (Click here to read more)

Financial goals aren’t just about how much you have in your bank account. They’re also about how you feel

I think that goals are both simultaneously important and irrelevant.  I think that they’re important because you’re actually putting pen to paper and stating what you want to happen for the next year. When you write your goals, you’re declaring it to the universe. 

But when you write your goals, put them in a drawer and think that they’re not possible, or take no action towards them, your goals no longer matter. (Click here to read more)

Did you know that roughly 8% of all New Years Resolutions are successful? Only 8%! 

Let’s just save ourselves some time and effort and try something different this year. 

Rather than New Year Resolutions, why not try some progress related goals instead? (Click here to read more)

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the saying “save for a rainy day”. It’s totally sage advice, don’t you think? But how do you save for a rainy when it’s already raining?

2020 is the proverbial rainy day. If you didn’t have any savings prior to March of 2020, it’s ok. We can all learn a lesson that emergency savings isn’t optional, or “just a good idea”, but necessary to survive rough economic times.  (Click here to read more)

While most people think of “self care” as sitting in a bubble bath or get a mani/pedi. When I think of self care I think of how I can take care of my money. You see, I think that self care also includes taking care of your money, and “adulting” as hard as it might seem to do. 

Taking care of your money is actually the ultimate form of self care. (Click here to read more)

Growing up I was fearless. I was that girl who climbed trees in a party dress and had scraped up knees to prove it. I also kept my beloved rock collection in my white patten leather fancy party purse (much to the chagrin of my mother), the one with the makeshift long string in lieu of the busted handle that wore like a cross body rock bag. I was a fearless, badass 7 year old girl and I could do anything.  (Click here to read more)

I swore up and down that I would not give in to holiday sales. As a matter of fact, I even wrote an article about it (see below).

But, here’s what actually happened. I bought groceries on sale, office supplies on discount, 3 blouses and a pair of boots. And… I second guessed myself afterwards. I mean, we’re on a strict budget right now.   (Click here to read more)


If you only have one goal for this holiday season, make a goal to not use your credit card. I know that most Americans have some kind of credit card debt. I’m not going to judge you for past mistakes, but I want better for you than to wake up January 1st with a huge amount of credit card debt. This year, of all years, I want you to stop overspending during the holidays. (Click here to read more)

Sometimes we can get in our own heads, especially when it comes to making big life decisions. This is why it’s so easy for other people, like a therapist or friend, to identify patterns in your life. It’s harder to see situations for what they are when you’re in it.    (Click here to read more)

Here’s the thing about the word rich. I literally think of Richy Rich, with the helicopters and drinking champagne at 10AM on my yacht with women who are wearing couture. It seems like a crazy unattainable lifestyle. Now, I’m not knocking Richy Rich, because some days drinking champagne in my chopper at 10 AM does sound nice. It also sounds so outside of the world that I know that it seems like fiction.  (Click here to read more)

I was talking with a sweet lady the other day. She said, “When I ignore my money, everything goes fine. It’s when I start to pay attention to my money that things fall apart.” 


When you ignore your money, your money ignores you! Follow my guilt free steps to show your money (and your future self) some love.  (Click here to read more)

Don’t tell anyone, but budgets trigger the heck out of me.

I know that I’m not supposed to admit that. I mean, after all of my experience in corporate finance as well as time being a financial advisor,  you would think that I have learned to love budgets. Honestly, I wish that I did love them. But, I really don’t. (Click here to read more)

I remember that as a child my mother used to tell me that wounds need air. Every skinned knee to tiny scrape I wanted to cover with a Bandaid and keep as safe as possible. After a day or two it wouldn’t look any better, and in many cases it looked worse.

My mother would tell me “it needs air to breathe”. And, of course, she was right….   (Click here to read more)