How To Raise Financial Responsible Teenagers

Do you have tweenagers or teenagers? Would you like to guide them to be financially responsible but aren’t too sure where to start?

I’ve been there. I’m a Mom of a 12-year-old and a 20-year-old. Regardless of their age, it’s been a challenge to help my children become financially minded.

Purpose to Profit

Are you ready to generate more profit? No matter if you have a side hustle or are a full time business owner, profit is important.

This course explores how to establish profitability on your own terms. We will cover why it’s important to establish your own rules for financial success and how to create a roadmap to get there.

Revenue Stream Machine

Did you know that on average, millionaires have 7 revenue streams?

Join the Revenue Stream Machine Workshop,  where you can create your own revenue streams! 

We’ll cover what kind of revenue stream is right for you (hint: it’s different for everyone) and you’ll walk away with concrete ideas for how to generate revenue streams in your life.

Want to start investing but aren't too sure where to start?

Investing for women was developed for the sole purpose of giving women the information they need to start investing. 

Learn what different investment types are and if they’re right for you.

Learn what is included in different investments, like mutual funds and ETF’s.